Change of Car Registration

Transfer of Registration


Fee: $260


Required Documents

  • Photocopy of your passport or cedula (must be a photocopy not a scanned copy)
  • Black and white is fine, should be in the center of the page. All home copy machines scan, therefore you need to go to either Mailboxes Etc or Metro Pharmacy for the copy
  • Original Revisado (click her for sample photo)
  • Make sure it is the original, copies not accepted. At bottom of page you will see the signature in original ink and the photo of the car at the top left is in color.
  • Original Title or Registro Unico De Propiedad Vehicular (click here for sample photo)
  • Original Receipt for Payment of License Plate (click here for photo sample)
  • (4) Signed blank pieces of paper with your signature ¾’s of the way down the page
  • This process if for the Municipality of Chame only! Let us know if it is going to be another municipality



Most cars here in Panama are registered in Panama city. The reason to transfer to the municipalities of Chame of which Coronado is a district of or San Carlos is so that you can then pick up your license plates every year at the local municipal building. You can also do title transfers locally in the event of a sale of the car or you receive a new passport/cedula number.


Most new arrivals to Panama purchase a car using their passport which is completely legal to obtain title. Once you have your residency or cedula then you are required to get a Panamanian drivers license. When that license expires and you go to renew you must have the title in your cedula ID number. You can do the title transfer locally but they don’t have the ability to print out the new title, you have to go to La Chorrera. If you need assistance please contact us.


You can only transfer the registration in the month that the license plates are due and only after you have receipt of payment for the new plates. Then your car has to be inspected in the City so we will need to pick up your car the night before. Inspections are M-F from 6am to 8am, only 24 cars are done per day. Our driver leaves at 4am to get in line as the engine has to be cold before inspection. One of the requirements is for them to identify the engine number, some vehicles are difficult to obtain and if so may require going to another garage which is an additional $60 fee.