Fee $80


Required Documents

  • Will we need to take your vehicle to the City
  • Copy of your passport or cedula, whichever was used to purchase the car
  • Copy of the Title or Registro Unico De Propiedad Vehicular (click here for sample photo)
  • Copy of your valid insurance document
  • Signed Authorization Form (Click here to print form) Simply sign the form we will fill out the rest.
  • Signed ACP government form click on the link below to print the form (




Panapass….What is it and how to get it?

Panapass is Panama’s electronic toll collection system. There are three roads that require the Panapass decal, the Corridor Norte, the Autopista to Colon which has two tolls but only the first requires the Panapass, the second is cash and the Corridor Sur. The Corridor Sur is the most common as it is the main route to Tocumen International airport. There are no toll collectors or the option to pay in cash. The decal is usually adhered to the windshield near the rearview mirror and sometimes on the top of a sunroof if available. The cost for the decal is $15.00.


There are only two locations to get the Panapass and both are located in Panama City, one is near the Albrook Circle and the other across from the Atlappa Convention Center on Avenue Israel.


You have two options regarding how to pay for the Panapass. One is to have it tied to a credit card where a constant $20 balance is kept and the other is to pay as you go, adding money to your account when needed. If you are going to live in Panama City I would recommend using the credit card method as you will be using it much more frequently. If you live at the beaches or the interior I would use the pay as you go method. A round trip to the airport is about $7.00.


If you have purchased a used car it will more than likely already have a Panapass decal. If the previous owner had it tied to a credit card you will have to get a new one. If it was pay as you go you can continue to use it with no legal repercussions.

How to Recharge Panapass?

When you receive a new Panapass decal you are issued a 6 digit account number and a small plastic card that has a barcode and your account number on it. You can attach it to your keychain. Any cashier at the Rey supermarket or Metro Pharmacies can scan the card to bring up your account and you tell them how much you would like to add. Over time these cards disappear so you can use the license plate or placa number to recharge the Panapass. You must tell the cashier it is the placa number, you can even show them a photo of your license plate to make it easier.


There are also many free standing machines located throughout the country that allow recharging. In the Coronado area there is one in Novey, Cochez, Super 99, Va & Ven and the market across from Picasso. There is also one outside the Banistmo bank in the Super 99 center and also by the escalators in the Village Shopping Plaza. In the top right of the touch screen there is an option for English. It will then prompt you to either enter your account number or license/placa number. Simply follow the prompts, the minimum you can charge is $5.00. The machine will also show you your balance. There are many banks that also let you automatically recharge Panapass. There is an app for your phone that allows you to check your balance but you can only do so with an account number.


Here is a link to the app and a list of authorized banks: Enacorredores


Driving Through the Toll

Each unmanned toll booth has an automatic gate, to your right will be a display giving you the amount of your toll and the balance of your account. If for some reason the gate fails to open look to your left on the toll booth as many have a button to release the gate. If not, simply wait and eventually it will open. You may or may not receive a violation which is $11 per episode. These violations will show up when you go to renew your license plate.